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Fat…Can we help it? A discussion about GMO’s from a Washington Real Estate Broker.

First of all, let me tell you that I am no scientist, nor am I a nutritionist or a doctor.  I am just a Realtor with opinions!  That being said, this is an account of my observations as of late.  Warning!  This has NOTHING to do with Real Estate but you might find it interesting.

I have always been interested in fitness, health and weight control.  This morning, it all came together for me while I was drinking my Organic, French press coffee with Organic frothed milk and a couple packs of Organic Stevia.  I was sitting here at the computer, reading emails, with Good Morning America on the TV in the background.  Being the animal lover that I am, I spun my chair around to watch a piece on Human Doctors visiting the LA Zoo to help out with animal medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, STD’s and other ailments common to both humans and the animal kingdom.

I have always known of the similarities and crossovers in both the use of medications and treatments of diseases in all mammals.  As the story unfolded, they were talking about obesity.   What really caught my attention was the comment about the animals eating what they are supposed to be eating, but because their food, OUR food sources, has been genetically modified and is causing them to be overweight!  BINGO!!!!  Finally!  WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!  We need to do something about this!!!

Here is the problem.  Monsanto has cornered the market on seeds.  They have created Round-Up Ready strains of crop seeds so that the farmers can spray their chemical on our food and the herbicide will NOT kill that plant (corn, soy beans, etc…) but it WILL kill the weeds!  Monsanto has also gone one step further and engineered into the seeds PESTICIDES!  Yes, that’s right!  They no longer have to spray our food for bugs because the bugs won’t eat them!  It poisons them… And we are supposed to be the smarter species?  Simple logic and reasoning would suggest otherwise.

So you say why don’t the farmers just use other seeds?  THEY CAN’T AFFORD TO!!!  First off, our government subsidizes these farmers for growing these crops (Monsanto Lobbyists) and Monsanto has seemingly endless funds and teams of attorneys that are actually suing farmers for cross pollinating Heirloom seeds with the Monsanto seeds.  I don’t really understand it all but it’s what they do.

This issue is not new but has been going on for decades and supported by our government and legislation that gets pushed through the cracks.  The article, 20 years of GMO Policy that Keeps Americans in the Dark About Their Food has pointed out the sources of the current problems.  If you don’t allow proper labeling of our foods, how is the American public to know what they are ingesting?


The danger of Glyphosate and  Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Genetically Modified crops


There are so many clues as to how our NEW food sources have affected our society and us as the human race.  Children reaching puberty 3 to 4 years sooner than in my generation.  Obesity is an epidemic.  One in 29 children are diagnosed with Autism or ADHD.  Are we really progressing?  Makes you think doesn’t it?

In my humble opinion and as a person who is acutely aware of weight control challenges, I have found it increasingly more difficult to maintain a reasonable weight and doing everything seemingly “right”.  I am of the belief that if we, as a nation, as a race of people, put our foot down, and take back our food source, go back to nature, do away with GMO’s, I think that we would miraculously see our population return to a healthier state.



Posted on June 12, 2012 at 1:19 pm by Tami Roth

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